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Nakazato goes blue

AFP/AP – A contemplative set – worthy of a staged play – awaited guests at Japanese couture up-and-comer Yuima Nakazato’s display.

It was entitled ‘BLUE’. That was the colour of gargantuan fabric boulders in the set, strewn across the stage-cum-runway that set the tone of contemplation, peace and harmony – which filtered down into the couture.

There was also more than a whiff of a distant Star Trek planet in the abstract blue blobs that models walked by. Indeed, Nakazato’s work revolves around technology, and the house said he uses non-gendered creations to “explore the future of clothing”.

Long flowing silk forms, tied at the waist or cross-over, riffed gently on Asian dress styles.

But there was an otherworldliness in their sheer whiteness and in the softness of the silhouette. So diaphanous was the silk on one pair of billowing white sleeves that the model’s steps alone caused it to float in the air weightlessly.

Colourful abstract shapes – like giant gleaming brooches – were placed at the waist or neck of several looks, in blue, violet and gold like a sea-creature or some beautiful alien life-form that had come along for the ride.