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Muslims must honour parents, obey them with devotion, say Imams

Imams yesterday called upon Muslims to draw inspiration from Prophet Ismail’s (pbuh) unwavering obedience who willingly accepted Allah the

Almighty’s command and remained loyal to his father, Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh), even in the face of sacrifice.

Imams made the call during the Friday sermon in commemmoration of Aidiladha or the Feast of Sacrifice. The sermon emphasised the deep love and sacrifices parents make which often go unnoticed.

Imams stressed that it is obligatory for Muslims to be dutiful to their parents and treat them with kindness and respect. “Both parents serve as a means for individuals to enter paradise, provided they are obedient and uphold the principles of goodness, obeying their parents’ instructions as long as they align with the teachings of Islam.”

Imparting a sound education, particularly religious knowledge, to children was emphasised as crucial. The sermon highlighted the elevated status of a child who is devoted to their parents in the eyes of Allah the Almighty. – Azlan Othman

Jame’ ‘Asr Hassanil Bolkiah. PHOTO: ELISSA TEO