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Muslims cautioned against paint brushes made of boar bristles

The Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) through the Syariah Affairs Department cautioned Muslims regarding Goldliner 850 boar bristle paint brushes of all sizes available at various business premises in the country.

The advisory comes after an analysis by the Department of Scientific Services at the Ministry of Health.

The Syariah Affairs Department has directed owners and managers of business premises to immediately withdraw these brushes from public sale to safeguard the interests of the Muslim community. Muslims are strongly advised against purchasing or using such brushes.

The MoRA also reminded owners, managers, entrepreneurs, traders, suppliers and importers to exercise vigilance in ensuring that products sold in supermarkets or shops are halal, pure, and free from non-halal and suspicious ingredients.

For complaints or information regarding the use or sale of non-halal and dubious products, individuals can contact the Syariah Affairs Department’s Halal Food Control Division hotline at 7166222 or visit the division’s offices in each district. – Azlan Othman

Paint brushes found to be made of boar bristles. PHOTO: MORA