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Muslimah learn funeral management

Daniel Lim

Twenty-four Muslimah from the Belait District participated in a Jenazah Management Workshop at the Muhammad Jamalul Alam Mosque’s hall in Kuala Belait on Wednesday.

It was organised by the Mosque Affairs Department through the Muslimah Affairs Division in collaboration with the Belait District Mosque Affairs Office and takmir committee of the mosque.

Muslimah groups from Muhammad Jamalul Alam Mosque, Kampong Labi Mosque, Kampong Sungai Liang Mosque, and Zainab Mosque Lumut participated in the workshop.

Two Penggapai Noor Bhanu binti Mohd Abdul Aziz and Norkasidah binti Haji Abdullah delivered the proper techniques of handling the deceased for burial.

A briefing on the steps including the recitation of Surah and a practical showcase with the use of dummies were conducted.

The department hopes that the workshop will provide Muslimah with the knowledge and skills to manage a funeral and to raise awareness of the activities conducted at mosques as a centre for learning.

A similar workshop was also held in the Temburong District recently and such event are also slated to be held across the nation.

The workshop in session. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM