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Muslimah group bids farewell to religious teacher

Lyna Mohamad

Sultan Sharif Ali Mosque Muslimah Group members held a farewell ceremony for religious teacher Hajah Salmah binti Haji Ithnin recently.

The Malaysian said she first came to Brunei 30 years ago to work as a religious teacher and has been living here after marrying a Bruneian.

She was appointed as religious teacher for the Muslimah group by the Mosque Affairs Department in 2007 when the group was first formed.

Over the past 15 years, there were memorable and bittersweet memories and she guided the students from basic level until they were fluent in Al-Quran recitations and daily prayers.

However, there are still those needing guidance and they will continue to have lessons with Hajah Salmah at her residence.

“I have decided to retire considering my age and I want to rest. However, I will still teach Al-Quran at home and some of the group members are my students. They will continue taking lessons until they master Al-Quran and prayers,” said Hajah Salmah.

The farewell event was held at Sultan Sharif Ali Mosque.

ABOVE & BELOW: Hajah Salmah binti Haji Ithnin; and a group photo during the event. PHOTOS: LYNA MOHAMAD

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