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MPK Sengkurong ‘A’ welcomes Sabah entrepreneurs

A group of 10 Petani Pintar entrepreneurs from Sabah (PUPPS) led by Chairperson Asroh bin Sukardi visited Kampong Sengkurong ‘A’ pineapple farmers and Kampong Sengkurong ‘A’ Village Consultative Council (MPK) agriculture members recently.

A discussion on pineapple cultivation at Mukim Sengkurong Community Hall, saw Chairperson of MPK Sengkurong ‘A’ cum Penghulu of Mukim Sengkurong Dr Haji Abdullah Hanif bin Orang Kaya Maharaja Dinda Haji Saman deliver welcoming remarks.

This was followed by a speech from PUPPS Chairperson on the development of pineapple plantation. Manager of MPK Sengkurong ‘A’ farm Haji Hamidun bin Haji Ahim delved into the history of the farm. The delegation also visited the pineapple farm of MPK Sengkurong ‘A’. – Azlan Othman

The pineapple farm of MPK Sengkurong ‘A’. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN