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More than just about looking purr-fect

Aqilah Rahman

Cats are known for their cleanliness and personal hygiene, spending much of their time licking their fur to clean themselves. But when it comes to taking a bath, not all cats react positively.

Cat grooming typically includes brushing, bathing and nail clipping, and it’s an important aspect of not only their hygiene but also their health and the people around them.

Founder of Colz Cat Grooming Md Saidi, who has been running his business since 2018, learnt about cat grooming from his friends, one of whom owns a vet clinic.

His interest grew as he discovered more about cats and helped with the grooming sessions, which in turn inspired him to eventually start his own business.

“At first, it was really hard to find customers,” he shared. “I had to make a new Facebook and Instagram account. I posted everything about cats before and after grooming, and the feedback from customers. Alhamdulillah, everything has gone well.” The beginning was rough, not just in terms of finding customers but also the cats themselves.

Grooming once a month should be fine when it comes to looking after their skin and fur. PHOTO: MD SAIDI

Cats generally have a reputation for not being fond of water, which can make it difficult to give them a bath. “I was bitten and scratched a lot, especially by aggressive cats.”

Aside from bathing with regular or medicated shampoo, he also offers nail clipping, ear mite treatment, paw and sanitary trimming, teeth brushing and fur detangling. With an increase in customers over time, he gradually got the hang of it.

Nowadays he knows how to handle cats and gets someone to help him with the difficult ones. Not all cats appreciate taking a bath but it’s important to do it properly because sometimes the cat’s fur can have mousetrap glue, mud and small scurrying insects such as lice, fleas and ticks. It also helps identify any underlying conditions or diseases early.

“Especially for indoor cats, because they play with people,” said Md Saidi. “If a cat has skin problems like scabies or ringworm, people could get infected.”

Shedding is normal for cats but losing too much could be a sign that something’s wrong, so it’s important to act early and find out the main cause.

Cats also need to be dewormed. Not only should their ears be cleaned, they should also be given ear mite treatment. If a cat has any problems, Md Saidi notifies the owner.

As for how often a cat should be groomed, he said it varies from about once every two weeks or once a month, depending on the cat’s condition.

Grooming once a month should be fine when it comes to looking after their skin and fur, he added.

An exception is when a cat has major problems like fungus or ringworm.

“That needs about once a week until they heal,” shared Md Saidi, who also noted that, in some cases, he asks owners to visit a vet first and for advice from the doctor.

Grooming is a delicate practice, and not everyone is aware of the dos and don’ts. One example of the mistakes people make is using human shampoo on cats, which can lead to shedding and skin infection due to the difference in pH values, he said.

Aside from using the right shampoo, owners should also rinse their cats thoroughly. Leaving a small amount of shampoo behind can lead to dandruff.

When cleaning their ears, one should take good care not to go in too deep or it’ll cause an injury. In addition, one shouldn’t use the same towel for two cats.

Md Saidi also recommends giving cats a bath with warm water in the morning, and to avoid doing it at night as it’s cold and the cats could fall ill.

“To all cat lovers, take good care of your cats with the proper steps and treatment,” he added. “If you see any stray cats, give them some food. Insya Allah, your good deeds will be rewarded.”