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More than 300 Vietnamese citizens rescued from Myanmar

HANOI (ANN/VIETNAM NEWS) – A total of 338 Vietnamese citizens stranded in the conflict zone in northern Myanmar were successfully evacuated, arriving safely at Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport early Tuesday morning.

The repatriation operation was carried out under the guidance of the Vietnamese government through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), the Ministry of Public Security, various relevant Vietnamese agencies, and partner countries, with the repatriation expenses being fully covered.

Given the ongoing conflicts and intricate developments in Myanmar, posing threats to the lives of Vietnamese citizens in the region, the MoFA is actively coordinating with domestic agencies, overseas representatives of Vietnam, authorities in Myanmar, and partner countries to facilitate the safe return of these individuals.

More than 800 Vietnamese citizens have been granted travel documents and eligible to be repatriated, according to the Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar.

They will be divided into groups for repatriation. Most of the evacuees are young, including those working at scam online gambling establishments in northern states of Myanmar, abandoned by employers, but were rescued by Myanmar authorities last month but stranded there due to conflicts between the host country’s military and local ethnic minorities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminded Vietnamese citizens to be cautious against offers to work abroad for “easy but high-paying” jobs, with no requirements for degrees or qualifications, no signed contracts, with no representing sending labour organisations, etc.

Citizens were told to look carefully at what the job entails, the company, expected work location, relatives of the recommender, insurance policy, and benefits before deciding to go abroad.

Vietnamese citizens repatriated from Myanmar at the immigration desk at Noi Bai International Airport, early Tuesday morning. PHOTO: ANN/VIETNAM NEWS