Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Brunei Town

More bread amid obesity battle

Brunei Darussalam is ranked the most obese country in Southeast Asia, which is alarming. I believe the culprit is rice.

As such, I would like to call on the authorities to change the eating habits of the public by encouraging them to replace rice with bread as their staple food.

What is good about bread is that it is cheap and doesn’t require tens of millions of dollars in government subsidy annually. It is also a healthier alternative to rice. Furthermore, it can serve to safeguard our food security.

It will take some time to switch our preference from rice to bread, of course. What Japan did was to start the people young by feeding children bread as soon as they reached the schooling age. Today, the Japanese consume bread as their default staple food over rice, and they all look healthy. In contrast, over half of our children are obese.

As it stands, the majority of us are nowhere near healthy. Perhaps it is high time that we change our eating habits by moving away from carb-heavy rice.

Mr Healthy Bread