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MKM school for refugees produces four ‘tahfiz’

Fadley Faisal

The Brunei Council on Social Welfare (MKM) which runs a school for Rohingyan refugees in Bangladesh has produced four tahfiz Al-Quran.

The School, named MKM-Gifting Humanity School is located at Unchiprang Rohingyan Refugee Camp at Cox Bazar, Bangladesh and was set up in early 2018.

MKM President Mohd Yusof bin Halim said, “MKM had collaborated with an international charity, Gifting Humanity, to set up this school in early 2018. All our students are Rohingyan refugees. At the height of the school operations, we had around 500 students, 100 are in our tahfiz programme and around 400 are in our secular programme. Our secular programme complies with UNESCO standard for refugees education.”

The Bangladeshi authority overseeing refugee camps had given MKM a ‘Certificate of Award’ stating that, “Your efforts had given hope to thousands of refugee children in providing them with a free United Nations recognised education, in running the best refugee school by any non-governmental organisations (NGOs)”.

The COVID-19 pandemic had imposed restrictions on physical presence with only the tahfiz students being allowed to return to school.

The four tahfiz students. PHOTO: MKM

“It is hoped that the remaining students would be allowed to return to school soon,” Mohd Yusof added.

“Our school is being sustained by our ‘adopt a student’ initiatives’ where sponsors can help a student at BND50 a month which will cater for their basic and education needs while at the school.

“The certification examinations are conducted by external examiners. We are so proud of all our tahfiz. Most are only 12 years old,” he said.

The MKM school has so far produced 13 tahfiz since its inception in 2018. A Bruneian donated uniforms for all the tahfiz students and their teacher to mark the occasion.

MKM is a registered NGO in Brunei and rely solely on public donations to conduct its many charity programmes in Brunei and regionally.