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Missing dog travels through miles of underground water tunnels in United States

UPI – Animal rescuers in Pennsylvania, United States said a missing dog was found and safely returned to her owners after travelling several miles through an underground water system.

Luzerne County Pet Recovery Services said the Yorkshire terrier, named Lady, jumped out of a window while riding in her owner’s car on Main Street in Dupont.

Tracey Morgan-Chopick, owner and founder of the rescue group, said searchers soon learned Lady had made her way to the county’s underground water system tunnels (UPI, pic below).

Morgan-Chopick enlisted the assistance of fellow animal rescuer John Ackourey to help search the tunnel system.

The rescuers said Lady had travelled several miles through the tunnel system before they were able to find her.

“She was right up by the highway. And I’ll tell you what, I was scared because who knows what could have happened. She could have went right onto the highway and that would have been it,” Ackourey told WBRE/WYOU.

Ackourey was able to grab Lady and bring her back to the surface.

“After the successful outcome from the miles-long search for Lady, a surprise reunion soon followed with her owners,” Ackourey said. They said it was an emotional reunion for the family.