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Ministry updates online services

Izah Azahari & Azlan Othman

The application for water supply, road permit, the National Housing scheme, and registration of licensed land surveyors (LLS) are among the services that have been updated by the Ministry of Development (MoD).

The MoD said the online services have been updated for public convenience as they can now submit their applications without visiting service counters physically or download application forms, adding that it is also part of the initiative to adapt to specific changes in the development of digital technology in realising the national aspiration of becoming a Smart Nation.

The public can access the services through the MoD official portal at The online service is for the submission of new applications only.

The public must first log in using an e-Darussalam account.

The application will only be processed after all the required information has been provided. A short message (SMS) and email will be sent to the successful applicants.

Guidelines for using the portal along with frequently asked questions are provided on the portal for public references.

Meanwhile, for information on the process of using the e-Darussalam account, the public can visit or contact the Darussalam Line at 123.

The MoD also said it is actively improving other online services from time to time.

Public feedback in the initial phase of the introduction of the portal can be directed to the ministry via email at