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Ministry holds fire evacuation exercise

James Kon

The Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) held a fire evacuation exercise involving some 255 staff and officers at its building recently.

According to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD), the exercise was carried out with the support of the Public Relations Unit of Operation ‘C’ Branch.

Upon arriving at the scene, firefighters put on their breathing apparatus and spilt into two teams to extinguish the fire after receiving information about the incident from Chief Fire Marshal Haji Kusmawidy bin Haji Abdul Karim.

Permanent Secretary at the MoRA Haji Mohammad Rosli bin Haji Ibrahim and Deputy Permanent Secretary (Policy and Religious) at the MoRA Haji Mohd Serudin bin Haji Timbang also participated. FRD senior officials were also in attendance.

The exercise aimed at fostering a sense of responsibility and attention on the aspects of fire safety as well as understanding of the proper procedure to save oneself duringa fire.

Firefighters during the fire drill. PHOTOS: FRD
ABOVE & BELOW: Staff members evacuate the building and gather at the assembly point