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Mini Sports Day for kindergarten, primary school students

Chung Hwa School Kiudang hosted a Mini Sports Day for its students recently. The students were divided into three spirited houses – Red, Yellow, and Blue.

The students from Kindergarten 2-3 and Year 1-2 competed in various sporting events.

Principal Loo Shee Yun delivered opening remarks and sounded the hornbull to kick off the event, which began with an aerobic session, followed by a march past by the three houses.

Students competed in a series of competitions, including a treasure hunt relay, obstacle run, 50-metre relay, and ping pong ball relay. Adding a familial touch to the event, parents joined in for special activities such as ping pong race relay and human chain.

The principal presented prizes for the family games, while members of the board of governors awarded prizes to champions in track and field events.

The Red House emerged as the overall champion, while also clinching the title of March Past Champion.

The Mini Sports Day was a testament to the school’s commitment to holistic development, fostering teamwork, and celebrating the spirit of healthy competition among students and their families, said the school in a statement. – James Kon

The Red House celebrating their victory. PHOTO: CHUNG HWA SCHOOL KIUDANG