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Massachusetts man tries to enter zoo’s tiger cage, arrested

BOSTON (AP) – A Worcester man was arrested on Monday for trying to enter a tiger enclosure after breaking into Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo.

The Massachusetts State Police said that when questioned, the man only said he was very interested in tigers.

Matthew Abraham, 24, allegedly climbed over a gate into the zoo at around 9am, scaled several fences and ignored warning signs but was unable to gain access to the tiger enclosure, investigators said. Zoo New England, which operates the 72-acre Boston zoo, said in a statement that the man was in an area behind the tiger exhibit not meant for the public. When approached by staff, he ran off but was quickly located by security officials.

He was arrested and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct.

It was not immediately known if Abraham had a lawyer.

Visitors to the Franklin Park Zoo walk past the signs advising safe distancing near an entrance to the zoo in Boston. PHOTO: AP