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Marvellous May reads

Aqilah Rahman

Avid book readers can look forward to eight new books released this May, including stories about a Hollywood producer who decides to restore his family’s castle to its former glory, a 40-year-old woman who wakes up as her teenage self and is reunited with her dad, and a widow who finds herself involved with a missing person’s case from years ago after joining a reality TV show.

Downtown Shabby by Hopwood DePree

Hopwood Hall is a 600-year-old English castle which once belonged to the ancestors of Hollywood producer Hopwood DePree.

Even since its lasts heirs were killed in World War I, the castle has been left to decay until it is on the verge of collapse. Restoring the Hall would take millions of dollars – and Hopwood doesn’t have the money that. Despite not having any construction skills, Hopwood decides to repair the castle with the help of his new neighbours and local aristocrats, raising funds and doing everything he can to restore the grand manor’s glory.

My Wife Is Missing by DJ Palmer

Michael and Natalie’s marriage is beginning to fall apart as Natalie has insomnia and is suffering from its side effects, causing her to have hallucinations and ridden with paranoia.

The couple decides to go on a much needed vacation to reconnect, bringing their two kids along.

Shortly after they arrive at the hotel, Michael goes out to get dinner. When he comes back, his wife and kids are nowhere to be found and only a teddy bear is left behind.

What appears to be a kidnapping turns out to be an elaborate plan by her wife to escape together with their two kids. The story alternates between Michael and Natalie’s points of view, before and after the disappearance.

The Homewreckers by Mary Kay Andrews

At the age of 25, Hattie loses her husband in an accident and is left with their home restoration business. Her project is showing no signs of success despite all the investment she has put into it.

Strapped for cash, Hattie accepts an offer to star in a home renovation reality show. Her plan to get the show done and over with goes haywire when problems keep happening onsite, linked to a missing person’s case from years ago.

This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub

All things considered, Alice’s life isn’t terrible. She has a stable job, lives in a small apartment and is in a relationship. But her father isn’t as young as he used to be, and his condition is only getting worse as he spends his time bedridden at the hospital while Alice worries about where her life is headed.

On her 40th birthday, Alice wakes up and finds herself back in 1996, reliving her 16th birthday. Everyone around her is younger than they’re supposed to be, including her lively father who’s in his 40s, a stark contrast to her future dad who seems to be running out of time. As she relives and reflects on her past, Alice tries to change her life and her father’s for the better.

Sparring Partners by John Grisham

Sparring Partners is a collection of three short stories revolving around legal cases.

In the first story, a lawyer reconnects with his old friend who disappeared after stealing money from his clients.

The second story focusses on a death row inmate who makes one final request just a few hours until his execution.

The third story follows a pair of brothers who inherit their father’s law firm and attempt to keep the business afloat together with a third party as their father pursues his own agenda from behind bars.

Star Wars: Brotherhood by Mike Chen

Civilians of Cato Neimoidia led peaceful lives until its major city came under attack.

The blame falls on the Galactic Republic and Obi-Wan Kenobi is dispatched to investigate the crime and prevent the tension from escalating any further.

Anakin Skywalker, his former pupil who has risen through the ranks to become a Jedi Knight, joins him as they attempt to save the people of Cato Neimoidia amid the war.

See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon

After a horrible high school experience, Barrett starts her college life with a new slate.

She gets off to a disastrous start when she makes a less than favourable first impression in her physics class and interview for the college paper.

To top it all off, she accidentally sets a fire at a party and spends the night in the common room, locked out of the dorm.

When Barrett wakes up, she finds herself back in the dorm, stuck in a time loop where she’s forced to repeat her first day of college. She finds out that the guy who embarrassed her in front of the entire physics class has been stuck in the time loop for months, and the two work together to figure out a way to move forward.