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Manhunt after nearly 100 inmates escape from Vietnam rehabilitation centre

HANOI (AFP) – Authorities in Vietnam are searching for nearly 100 drug users who escaped from an overcrowded state-owned rehabilitation centre in the Mekong Delta, state media said on Monday.

Vietnam has more than 30,000 drug addicts undergoing compulsory treatment at government facilities, some forced by law to spend up to two years inside.

Most detainees undergo cold-turkey treatment in overloaded centres and have in the past been subjected to solitary confinement if they break the rules. Following an “internal dispute” on Saturday night, 191 addicts broke out of a rehab centre in the southern city of Soc Trang, reported Cong An Nhan Dan newspaper, the official police mouthpiece.

By Monday morning, 94 had been found and brought back. Police and families were searching for nearly 100 others still on the run, the paper said.

The addicts reportedly broke down the doors of their dormitory and escaped the centre via the main entrance and by jumping over the building’s iron fences.

Some detainees fled through a hole they had bored in one of the facility’s walls.

Several security guards were wounded after being attacked by the fugitives, the report added.

The centre’s infrastructure was poor, state media said, citing local officials.

It was also overcrowded, with just 60 guards in charge of the more than 460 drug addicts, mostly men.

Inmates at an official treatment centre in Vietnam. PHOTO: AFP