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Man with record-breaking 864 insect tattoos: ‘I hate bugs’

Ben Hooper

UPI – A New York man who earned a Guinness World Record by getting 864 tattoos of insects on his body revealed an unexpected fact about himself: “I hate bugs.”

Michael Amoia was confirmed by Guinness World Records as earning the record for most insects tattooed on the body when his tattoos were officially tallied at 864.

Amoia took the record from British man Baxter Milsom, who has 402 insects tattooed on his body.

Amoia, whose tattoos began with a red ant queen inked on his forearm when he was 21 years old, said people often wrongly assume that he loves insects.

“A lot of people think I like bugs – actually it’s the complete opposite. I’m afraid of bugs, I hate bugs. But it has multiple meanings, that’s why I put them all over my body,” Amoia told Guinness. “It’s some dark meaning, but more of a positive message.”