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Man swallows coins, magnets for gains

NEWS GULF – A team of doctors in Delhi successfully operated on a man to remove coins and magnets from his stomach. The man, who had a psychiatric illness, swallowed the coins and magnets, believing zinc would help with body-building.

The man, 26, came to the hospital after experiencing vomiting and abdominal pain for 20 days and being unable to eat.

His family revealed he had been eating coins and magnets for weeks, and he was receiving treatment for his mental health.

X-rays showed coins and magnets in his stomach, causing blockage. CT scans confirmed this, and he underwent surgery immediately. Surgeons found the objects had caused damage to his intestines, requiring repair.

In total, 39 coins and 37 magnets (in various shapes) were removed from his stomach.

After the surgery, X-rays showed all foreign objects were removed, and the patient recovered well, discharged after seven days.

The man admitted he swallowed the items, thinking zinc in the coins would aid body-building. He hoped the magnets would keep the coins in his intestines longer for better zinc absorption.