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Man stabs friend to death after removal from group chat

ANN/THE STRAITS TIMES – An Indonesian man stabbed and killed his friend after he was removed from a WhatsApp group.

The body of Adrian, who goes by one name, was discovered on Sunday afternoon with three stab wounds, including one through his chest that penetrated his heart, police in Bandung, West Java, said.

Based on evidence at the crime scene, the police arrested the suspect, Toto Toyiban, 36, hours later in another district.

The two men were friends and members of a chat group called XTC Beer 188, where the discussions mostly revolved around motorcycles, reported the Tribun Jabar news site.

Toyiban had left a message that was perceived by Adrian, 29, as a taunt, Bandung police chief Kusworo Wibowo said on Monday. As the chat group’s administrator, Adrian then removed his friend from the group.

Kusworo said Toyiban admitted he found his removal difficult to accept and was hurt by the gesture, leading him to confront Adrian.

But a fight ensued which escalated into Toyiban attacking his friend with a sharp weapon he had been carrying around, the police said.

Toyiban faces 15 years in jail if convicted of the offence.