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Man runs 100m in 12.82 seconds while wearing high heels

UPI – A serial record-breaker from Spain added a new title to his name by running a 100-metre sprint while wearing high heels.

Christian Roberto López Rodríguez, 34, donned 2.76-inch stiletto heels and ran the 100 metres in 12.82 seconds.

Rodríguez took the Guinness World Record from André Ortolf, who ran 100 metres in high heels in 14.02 seconds in 2019.

“The preparation was very exhaustive and specific,” Rodríguez told Guinness World Records.

“I find it very challenging to be able to run in high heels at high speed.

“In Spain there are races like this, and they have always gone well for me.”

Christian Roberto López Rodríguez breaks the Guinness World Record for running 100 metres in high heels. PHOTO: GUINNESS WORLD RECORD