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Man jailed four years for online banking theft

Fadley Faisal

The Magistrate’s Court yesterday handed a four-year jail sentence to a 27-year-old local after he pleaded guilty to stealing money from his landlord’s bank account through an online bank’s mobile application.

Muhammad Syukri bin Abdullah Sia @ Sia Chin Chin was ordered to compensate the victim BND10,649 or risk serving another three months’ jail.

The defendant stole BND10,649 by transferring the amount in four transactions on August 8 and 9 to a bank account he had access to.

Prosecutor Nur Zahidah Farhanah Abdul Aziz unearthed that the defendant was able to do so as he lives with his landlord in RPN Lambak Kanan.

The defendant helped the victim to fix his phone on July 27.

The victim handed his phone to the defendant and left to buy food.

The defendant went through the victim’s phone and came across the victim’s bank account details and noted them down.

He went back to helping to fix the phone and returned it to the victim when he arrived home.

Later that day, the defendant gained access to the bank account through his phone and learnt that the victim had over BND10,000 in savings.

It was not until August 8 when the defendant started getting desperate to pay off his debts and decided to steal from his landlord to gamble. He transferred BND5,000 from the victim’s account and paid it into an online gambling agent’s account within the same bank.

The defendant made another transfer at 4pm, making away with BND4,000 and again paid it to the agent’s account.

An hour later, the defendant made yet another transfer, involving BND1,500.

The defendant repeated the act one more time on August 9 by transferring BND149 to the agent’s account.

It was on August 12 that prompted the victim to consult the bank when he found that he had about BND50 left in his account, while he remembered he had over BND10,000 from his last withdrawal.

The bank staff assisted the victim and told him of the transactions, which he dismissed having knowledge of.

A police report was lodged which led to the defendant’s arrest.

The defendant claims to pay his debts and the amount he stole from the victim from his winnings.

Police investigations further confirmed that the defendant did not win any of the games he played.

The prosecution reiterated that the victim only receives pension payment and is left with the minute remainder in his account with no other funds.

The eight charges levelled against the defendant which he pleaded guilty to are of thefts and under the Computer Misuse Act. Magistrate Syaffina binti Shahif presided over the case.