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Man accused of causing son’s death by forcing chilli tip into his mouth

CNA – A man in Singapore was charged on Wednesday with a rash act that caused his son’s death, by forcing the tip of a chilli into his son’s mouth while the latter was lying down on the floor.

Muhammad Amir Kader, 37, was handed one count of a rash act not amounting to culpable homicide.

According to the charge sheet, the incident occurred at about 1.30pm on August 2, 2022 in a flat at Block 327C Anchorvale Road.

Amir’s son, Muhammad Ariq Raziqin Muhammad Amir, was lying down on the floor when Amir allegedly used his right hand to force the tip of a chilli into his son’s mouth.

This blocked his airway and resulted in his death. The victim’s age was not indicated in the charge sheet.

The prosecution said they were not making an application for a gag order as there was “no one else to protect”. In response, Amir said, “I have other children.”

The prosecution said that “no detriment will be caused to the other children”.

Amir was offered bail of SGD20,000 and will return to court next month.

If convicted of a rash act causing death, he could be jailed for up to five years, fined, or both.

Chilli pepper. PHOTO: ENVATO