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Malaysia child actress unable to walk after alleged chair-pulling incident at filming location

CNA – A Malaysian child actress who suffered from a fractured hip bone following an incident at a filming location last month has been unable to walk since then.

According to local media reports, Puteri Rafasya, 12, fell on her back after the chair she was about to sit on was pulled by another child in a supposed prank.

Harian Metro reported on Tuesday that Puteri fractured her hip bone after she fell and hit her back against the metal leg of a tripod.

The incident first came to light when photos of the actress undergoing treatment at a hospital were uploaded to her Instagram account – which is managed by her mother – on February 26.

In the initial Instagram post, it was shared that Puteri suffered injuries to her hip and waist in the incident that happened on February 22.

As a result, she had to wear diapers when she needed to urinate or defecate.

In subsequent Instagram posts, it was shared that the young actress had been confined to a wheelchair and is unable to walk or sit as per normal.

Puteri Rafasya, fell on her back after the chair she was about to sit on was pulled by another child in a supposed prank. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/PUTERIRAFASYA1

On March 10, it was shared on Instagram that Puteri was rushed to Kuala Lumpur Hospital as she suffered from incontinence.

She was later transferred to Tunku Azizah Hospital to be warded for further observation.

Harian Metro on Tuesday reported Puteri’s mom, Fatin Aliza Salmi, 33, as saying that her daughter had to be warded at the paediatric ward at Tunku Azizah Hospital until her condition improves.

“According to the medical report, Puteri is expected to be able to walk by now. But she cannot even stand, let alone walk,” the mother reportedly said.

She told Harian Metro that she feels disappointed and stressed at seeing her daughter’s condition, adding that she has yet to receive any help or acknowledgement from the family of the child who purportedly pulled the prank.

Malaysian actress Maya Karin on Wednesday uploaded a video of her visiting Puteri, whom she shared is in hospital being “injured from a fall”.

Maya said in her Instagram post that Puteri acted as her daughter in a movie that was filmed last year.

“Although she was just my onscreen daughter, she was my child for almost a year while shooting Telaga Suriram last year.

“Hopefully (Puteri) will recover quickly. For the next few months, she is not allowed to shoot anything,” Maya wrote in her Instagram post, adding that Puteri will have to undergo a lot of physiotherapy.