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    Luxury meets innovation

    James Kon

    The all-new Lexus RX that incorporates luxury with latest innovation and next generation design was officially launched recently by Lexus Brunei in an exclusive media preview event.

    Providing an exhilarating driving experience of seamless acceleration, steering, and braking, the new RX features the Lexus Driving Signature evolved by thoroughly refining the vehicle fundamentals, such as the centre of gravity, inertia properties, weight reduction and chassis rigidity. Focus has also been placed on improving the refined ride quality and quietness that are the hallmarks of Lexus.

    With a diverse lineup of powertrains to tailor to the customers’ needs and lifestyles, the Lexus RX comes with the option of 2.5-litre HEV FF achieves low fuel consumption and an exhilarating driving feel or 2.4-litre turbocharged AWD achieves torque-filled dynamic performance.

    Three variants of the Lexus RX are available in Brunei, two of which have the same engine capacity. For the 2.4-litre, the RX350 (FWD) and RX350 Fsport (AWD) are available. Meanwhile, for the 2.5-litre, there is the RX350 Hybrid (FWD).

    Evoking a new driving experience, the all-new Lexus RX design is based on the solid stance achieved by the extended wheelbase, low centre of gravity, and widened front and rear treads, a new style with a low center of gravity and planted stance to give a new drive force control and new driving experience.

    The all-new Lexus RX. PHOTOS: LEXUS BRUNEI
    A view of the interior
    Lexus RX design is based on the solid stance achieved by the extended wheelbase, low centre of gravity, and widened front and rear treads

    For the side view, raising the tip of the hood and lowering the rear edge of the back window expresses a horizontal posture with a low centre of gravity.

    Keeping the overall length and front overhang, the A-pillar’s base is pushed back to emphasise the elongated hood and express a stance in which the mass of the cabin seems to sit on the rear.

    The powerful surface extending from the rear door to the rear fenders expresses the powerful traction of the eAxle, and it creates a beautiful highlighted loop as the shape seamlessly connects to the side sills.

    The quarter pillar, which successive generations have distinctively expressed, follows the floating pillar design introduced on the fourth-generation RX, but has evolved into a more three-dimensional design wrapping around to the rear, creating a stylish impression.

    For the rear view, the Lexus RX shows a simple, strong mass that flows out horizontally to achieve a stance with a wide, low center of gravity, projecting a sense of power and strength.

    Meanwhile, the newly design exterior comes from the spindle design, a symbol of Lexus, is now expressed as a three-dimensional mass, evolving into a new expression.

    At the front, the body color is brought down to the lower edge of the Lexus emblem, emphasising the strength of the design, as well as the mathematical beauty of the grill gradation. Combined with cooling functionality, the seamless expression of the fusion between body and grill expresses strength and a low centre of gravity, pushing the boundaries of expressing a new identity and uniqueness.

    Inside, the cockpit was designed based on the Tazuna concept; a new cockpit design concept refines the human-centred philosophy present in Lexus’ vehicle crafting.

    The Tazuna, Japanese for rein, is an important means of communication between a horse and its rider. Lexus’ interior concept draws upon this articulate, symbiotic relationship, and reinterprets the partnership between human and machine with an intuitive layout that forges a deeper mutual understanding through a seamless merging of omotenashi-influenced design and cutting-edge technologies.

    The steering wheel switches, for example, are highly integrated with the head-up display to create a space where the driver can concentrate on driving. Navigation, audio, and various functions can be controlled without the need for extra eye movement or complicated switch operations.

    The centre display is offered in 14-inch or 9.8-inch touchscreen sizes, with many functions integrated into its soft switches. Designers paid close attention to details such as the size, shape, layout, and information of switches, pursuing the optimum placement and shape for intuitive operation, while also taking the frequency of use of each function into consideration.

    In terms of safety, the new RX is equipped with safety technologies with the one goal: zero fatalities and injuries from traffic accidents.

    With the Pre-Collision Safety (PCS), if the system detects a driver looking away while driving, it warns the driver at an early stage. It assists in collision avoidance and damage mitigation by quickening the driver’s reaction time.

    Meanwhile, for the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (with all-speed following function), when the driver monitor alert function is enabled, the system alerts the driver and provides supportive control to ensure a safety margin during normal driving, allowing the driver to resume driving with peace of mind as soon as they return to normal.

    Lane Departure Alert (LDA) can detect a driver looking away while driving, and activates an alert and lane departure control at an earlier timing than usual.

    The Abnormal Driver Condition Response System gives warning where, if the driver’s posture is significantly compromised during lane tracing assist (LTA) control, the system judges that it is difficult for the driver to continue driving and warns others by flashing hazard lamps, etc., while the vehicle gradually decelerates. The vehicle will stop within the lane.

    Since its establishment in 1989, Lexus has continued to maintain a spirit of innovation and continues to take on the challenge of providing new technologies and value to its customers.

    Based on the “Lexus Electrified” vision announced in 2019, they achieve a significant improvement in fundamental performance using electrification technologies and provide electrified vehicle solutions such as HEVs.

    The original RX 300 pioneered a new segment – the luxury crossover – when it debuted in North America in 1998. Building upon this, in 2005, Lexus launched its first HEV model, the RX400h, the world’s first hybrid luxury crossover. As a pioneer of electric vehicles, Lexus has always pursued both excellent driving performance and environmental performance, and from 1998 to the end of April 2022, we have sold a cumulative (provisional) total of approximately 3.5 million vehicles in approximately 95 countries and regions. As a Lexus core model, it has evolved with the support of many customers around the world.

    The new RX, now in its fifth generation, is a pioneer in the luxury crossover market and has undergone a complete renewal because it is a core model of Lexus.

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