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Luminox launches new watch series

The new Luminox Commando Raider was designed to pay homage to military units all over the world.

Designed to meet the needs of active professional military and police personnel, as well as adventure lovers, this analog timepiece is perfect for those who want an essential, reliable and versatile piece of gear.

Raiders in history have always been versatile fighters who specialise in quick strikes, and have to always be ready for anything.

The Commando Raider timepiece fits this profile perfectly, as it can be worn for any adventure or operation, or just to wear throughout the normal day.

A second time zone display, by virtue of a dedicated hand, makes sure it does not matter where in the world one is.

The Commando Raider combines all the details for which Luminox is famous; tough, luminous, extremely water resistant and highly legible.

The Raider also features a Carbonox unidirectional countdown bezel with an integrated compass rose, in a light and extremely durable 46mm Carbonox case with a sand-coloured dial.

To complete the militaristic theme, the font of the Commando Raider is based on ubiquitous military stencils, while the green compass points insert on the bezel is anodised aluminium coloured in what Luminox calls ‘Night Vision Green’, which matches the colour seen through night vision goggles.

The shape of the second hand is the same arrow which can be found in many special forces unit logos around the world, symbolising strength, penetrating power, speed and positive attitude.

The Commando Raider is equipped with Luminox’s LLT system, making sure the watch is totally visible in low or no light conditions, never having to rely on an exterior light source.

It is also equipped with a special Luminox-branded ‘cut-to-fit’ strap, designed to fit even the biggest wrists.

The Commando Raider is one of the newest Luminox timepiece, created to honour military and law enforcement personnel, and provide a handsome, reliable, and extremely versatile timepiece for a new generation of outdoor adventurers.