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Louis Vuitton-inspired microscopic bag sells for over SGD85K at auction

CNA – There are mini bags – and then there are teeny tiny ones. A handbag so small, it requires a microscope to be seen has sold for over USD63,000 (SGD85,366) at an auction.

Measuring at less than 0.3 inches wide, the neon green bag is modelled after Louis Vuitton’s famed OnTheGo tote, and even bears the brand’s signature monogram.

It was created by New York-based art collective MSCHF, the same company behind the Birkinstocks – Birkenstock sandals made from Hermes Birkin bags.

In an Instagram post, MSCHF described the bag as “smaller than a grain of sea salt and narrow enough to pass through the eye of a needle, this is a purse so small you’ll need a microscope to see it”.

The microscopic handbag by art collective MSCHF. PHOTO: CNA