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Local jailed four years for copper cable theft

The Intermediate Court yesterday sentenced a local to four years’ jail after he pleaded guilty to theft related offences.

Haji Mohammad Amirnuddin bin Haji Abd Momin committed the offences in concert with six others, however, the rest are dealt with by the court separately.

Judge Hajah Hazarena binti Pehin Orang Kaya Setia Jaya Dato Paduka Haji Hurairah heard from Prosecutor Syazwani binti Jumat that the defendant stole 15 pieces of scaffolding materials from the Lambak Kanan Industrial Area in February.

The defendant also stole copper cables from RPN Lambak Kanan area sometime between February and March, disrupting key service providers.

It was after midnight on March 27 when the defendant and his friends went to the forest at RPN Lambak Kanan where they stole the copper cables.


As his friends were digging out and cutting the cables, the defendant and another friend went to get drinks for those working on the cables.

When they returned, the cables had been cut and they took rice sacks filled with copper cables to one of their houses.

The group parted ways while the defendant and two others walked towards a house in RPN Lambak Kanan.

As soon as the defendants and his friends went on a road near the house in RPN Lambak Kanan, they saw one of their friends in a car and waved to him.

The car approached the defendant and his friends.

This was when the defendant realised that his friend in the car was with a group of police officers who had arrested him.

The defendant and his other friends were arrested. Investigations led to finding out the theft of the scaffolding materials. – Fadley Faisal