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Local cyclist clinches second place in KK race

Brunei cyclist Muhammad Azwar finished in second place in the GFNY World Kota Kinabalu 2023 Edition last weekend with a time of 3:29:13.

Muhammad Azwar was two minutes behind the champion Steve Marshall from the United States who finished the men’s 130-kilometre race with a time of 3:27:37.

Muhammad Azwar said, “It is a big win for myself because it is not just a race – it is a race between me and other cyclists around the world. You can see there are a lot of participants from Europe and Asia.

“The 130-km course comes with a challenging climb. The hot and windy weather added to the difficulty.

“It was really a test of our mental and physical fitness. Despite the challenges, I was motivated to finish the race with top flight,” he added.

“I want to compete for the top spot at the GFNY New York in May, but if fate is not on my side, I will ride for the GFNY Kuala Lumpur in February.” – James Kon

Muhammad Azwar collects his second place prize at GFNY World Kota Kinabalu 2023 Edition. PHOTO: GFNY WORLD KOTA KINABALU 2023 EDITION