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Local artiste participates in ASEAN-Korea music festival

Azlan Othman

Bruneian artiste Dila Junaidi with the band The Stars participated in the Asean-Korea Music Festival’s Round 2021 where she performed five songs at the concert.

The festival was held last Sunday and featured 15 musicians from Korea and nine ASEAN member states. The six-hour online festival was hosted by state-run broadcaster KBS and sponsored by Seoul’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Asean-Korea Cooperation Fund and the Asean Secretariat.

According to ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund (AKCF), Round 2021 hoped to strengthen the cultural bond and support between ASEAN and Korea through music.

It also aims to provide an opportunity for the younger generation from various countries to communicate through music and promote the formation of an active pop music network connecting the countries.

The first line-up from ASEAN featured SB19 from the Philippines, My Anh from Vietnam, Sophia Liana from Malaysia, Barasuara from Indonesia, Taiy Akard from Lao, Kesorrr from Cambodia, Two Popetorn from Thailand and Dila with The Stars from Brunei. Joining the line-up for the performance from Korea were Jambinai, Sam Kim, Lucy, and ADOY.

The virtual music festival, Round 2021. PHOTO: ASEAN-KOREA MUSIC FESTIVAL