Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Brunei Town

Litterbugs ruining park’s beauty

As a resident of Kampong Selapon, Temburong District, I would like to appeal to those visiting our recreational park to refrain from littering.

We welcome visitors, who enjoy having picnics and swimming in the river; it shows that we have done something right in making our park an attraction.

However, it would be appreciated if visitors are mindful of their own rubbish and dispose of it at the bins that are strategically placed for the ease of park-goers. They are located within walking distance from the river and the picnic site. All we ask from the visitors is to bear the responsibility of keeping our village clean.

We the residents have been cleaning up after these irresponsible individuals to ensure we have a park that we can all enjoy. But it is taking the toll on us. Visitors ought to treat our village as their own, instead of infecting our home with litterbugs.

Selapon Villager