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Licence required for all fishing gear

James Kon

A licence is required for all fishing gear, under Section 13 (1) Fisheries Order 2009, the Fisheries Department under the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT) informed yesterday. The announcement was made following a message that had gone viral across social media.

Under Section 13 (1), it states that any person who, in Brunei Darussalam waters, operates or allows to be operated, any fishing appliance without a licence; has in his possession or under his control, any fishing appliance without such a licence; sets up or causes to be set up any fishing appliance without a written approval from the director prior to the issue of such a licence; or contravenes the conditions of any such licence or written approval; is guilty of an offence.

Currently, the fishing appliance licence is only enforced on fishermen and individuals fishing in Brunei waters using boats either owned by themselves, relatives or friends, or rented boats.

The licence fee for fishing appliances is BND3 for every 12 hooks, while the fee rate for a fisherman’s licence card is BND2.

The issuance of a fishing licence aims to ensure the sustainability of fishery resources by controlling the use of fishing gear for the protection and preservation of the marine environment, as well as to ensure fish resources are secured, and can be enjoyed by future generations.