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Lambak Kiri Secondary School welcomes new students

Lambak Kiri Secondary School welcomed new students and parents to their community at their annual Year 7 student orientation yesterday.

New students and their parents were invited to attend the first day of orientation in the hall, which began with the recitation of Doa and national anthem.

The event commenced with a welcoming address by the school’s principal Rosmawati binti Mohammad, followed by speeches from the academic and administrative deputy principals.

There were also briefings for the parents regarding student welfare, administration services and the school’s various academic programmes.

The remainder of the first half of the morning comprised a mix of activities.

Students were treated to a Zikir Ashabul Kahfi sharing session, followed with talks centring on the various rules and regulations that govern the well-being of the school members.

The importance of students’ well-being was also emphasised in a presentation from the school’s counselling department.

The Year 7 orientation which is set to take place over two days will allow new students the opportunity to get to know their teachers and peers, familiarise with the school’s structure and learn about the school’s assortment of academic, religious, and co-curricular activities that make up the daily timetable.

Parents and students arrive at the school. PHOTOS: LAMBAK KIRI SECONDARY SCHOOL
Parents and students gather in the school hall