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Lailatul Qadar: Ramadhan’s divine majesty

Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan. PHOTO: BORNEO BULLETIN / Iylia Nazihah Md Rafidi

As the sacred month of Ramadhan unfolds, it brings with it a profound test of patience and devotion through the fasting that defines its essence. Yet, within this challenge lies an opportunity for deep spiritual growth.

For Muslims across the country, these final 10 days mark a fundamental moment – a chance to intensify their acts of worship and seek the extraordinary blessings of Lailatul Qadar, the Night of Decree.

As time rushes by, the Ummah is called upon to multiply their efforts, harnessing the boundless power of this sacred night.

The Night of Decree stands as one of the most precious gifts bestowed by the Almighty upon His devoted servants. Within its fleeting hours, lies a potency so immense that it surpasses the value of a thousand months – a divine opportunity for unparalleled blessings and spiritual elevation.

Though veiled in mystery, the significance of Lailatul Qadar is heightened during the last ten days of Ramadhan, particularly on the odd nights – such as the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, or 29th – when believers fervently seek its divine presence.

By dedicating oneself to acts of worship during this sacred night, and embracing the essence of piety throughout the day, one embarks on a journey of deepening their taqwa – nurturing a connection with the Divine and elevating their spiritual essence.

In these precious moments of Lailatul Qadar, the devoted are called to amplify their spiritual endeavours, immersing themselves in acts of profound significance. Such actions not only promise abundant rewards in the hereafter but also serve as a demonstration to the essence of faith and compassion. Foremost among these deeds is the recitation of Al-Quran, a practice that offers solace and guidance to the soul.

Nevertheless, beyond personal enrichment, the teachings of Al-Quran beckon believers to extend a helping hand to those in dire need – a gesture that resonates with divine favour and future blessings.

A student reciting Al-Quran. PHOTO: KHAYR ZAKARIYYA

The act of charity, or sadaqah, holds particular significance during the sacred month of Ramadhan. But as the veils of night draw close, the rewards for giving on Lailatul Qadar transcend imagination. Can we fathom the magnitude of blessings bestowed upon those who extend their generosity on this holiest of nights?

In addition to charity, extra prayers and heartfelt supplications serve as vehicles for seeking forgiveness and divine mercy. As the night unfolds, let us seize the opportunity to beseech Allah the Almighty for forgiveness, offering repentance for our shortcomings and sins.

Moreover, the Night of Decree goes beyond the mundane, beckoning us to immerse ourselves in worship, repentance and spiritual seclusion during the final, sacred stretch of Ramadhan. I’tikaf, a revered tradition, calls upon believers to devote themselves to unbroken prayer and remembrance of the Almighty within the hallowed confines of the mosque. As the night envelops us, its significance grows manifold, offering an unparalleled opportunity to bask in divine mercy and seek salvation before the month draws to a close.

It is said that during these fleeting hours, angels descend upon the earth by the decree of Allah the Almighty, gracing us with their celestial presence until the first light of dawn.

A man reads Al-Quran in his tent as he practices I’tikaf at the Habiburrahman Mosque in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. PHOTO: AFP

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself exemplified the essence of devotion during Lailatul Qadar. He would vigilantly engage in worship, rousing his family to join him in the spiritual endeavour, striving tirelessly throughout the last ten days of Ramadhan.

This year, let us follow in his footsteps, encouraging our families and children to embrace extra acts of piety. Let the echoes of Sunnat Tarawih and Sunnat Witir prayers resonate through our homes each night, as we delve into the depths of Al-Quran, seeking manifold rewards and blessings from the Most High.

In addition to these noble practices, let us not forget the virtues of Sunnat Tahajjud, Sunnat Taubat, Sunnat Hajat and Sunnat Tasbih prayers. And as the night unfurls its mysteries, let us awaken our loved ones, igniting their souls with the fervour of religious devotion.

Muslims perform the night prayers on the 21st night of the holy fasting month of Ramadhan on a street in Bogor, Indonesia’s West Java province. PHOTO: AFP

For in this sacred month, the possibilities for spiritual elevation are boundless. Let us seize each moment, multiplying our deeds of righteousness, for none can foretell whether we shall witness another Ramadhan’s grace.

In embracing these acts of devotion and compassion, we not only honour the sanctity of Lailatul Qadar but also illuminate our path with the radiance of divine grace and mercy. – Azlan Othman