Kudos to RIPAS Hospital

I visited Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital yesterday and was highly taken by how efficient the staff is.

From the people at the entrance to the doctor and the cashier, it was smooth sailing; unlike in some other hospitals overseas.

I am a foreigner working in Brunei and had to accompany a friend to the hospital. I was able to observe the staff on duty while my friend was meeting the doctor. It was pleasing to see how courteous the staff was.

As we arrived at the hospital, our temperatures were taken. The staff was very helpful. Once inside, I saw that there was no one at the reception counter. So I checked with the security personnel to see what needed to be done to get a doctor’s appointment.

He said as it was a Friday, the reception staff was not on duty, though he immediately directed us to the information counter, where we were greeted by staffers that were very helpful and polite.

In no time, my friend was able to see a doctor.

When my friend raised some issues with the pharmacist, she politely explained, clearing his doubts.

I have been to hospitals in other countries, and sometimes visiting these places could be a nightmare. Hospital staff could be rude, the waiting time dreadfully long. By the time you’re done with the place, you often find yourself physically and mentally drained.

I used to think all public hospitals are badly run. But the recent visit to RIPAS Hospital has changed my view completely. I think Bruneians are lucky to have a government-run hospital with staff that takes really good care of them.