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Klopp laughs off Guardiola barbs as heat-of-moment comments

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND (AP) – Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp laughed off some barbs from counterpart Pep Guardiola that have inflamed the Premier League title race, saying yesterday they were heat-of-the-moment comments likely fuelled by Manchester City’s painful elimination from the Champions League.

Klopp didn’t appear in a mood to fight back, laughing as Guardiola’s words were read to him.

“I don’t know exactly what situation Pep was in after getting knocked out of the Champion League – that’s already difficult enough to take, but then of course Liverpool made it to the final, eh?” Klopp said. “Then you have (people saying) these kinds of things, ‘But they played Villarreal and we played Real’. These kinds of things.

“And he’s right, on top of it… we’ve won the Premier League only once. I have no idea if the whole country is supporting us. I don’t know that. It’s not a feeling I get when we got to other places and play there. It’s actually the opposite, but maybe he knows that more than me.”