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Kim Nam-joo’s solo comeback: Total transformation

SEOUL (ANN/THE KOREA HERALD) – Apink’s Kim Nam-joo has made a triumphant return to the spotlight, redefining herself as a solo artist with the highly anticipated release of her second solo single album, “Bad,” which hit the airwaves on Monday. 

Marking her first solo endeavour in four years, this album not only showcases her evolution as a musician but also reaffirms her status as a versatile powerhouse in the K-pop industry.

“I came back with an extreme makeover for this album. It’s been four years since I last performed on stage in front of reporters and fans. I’m considering this as the debut of the solo artist Kim Nam-joo,” said the artist during a press conference held in Seoul on the day of the single album’s release.

Kim’s new image is that of a fearless warrior, marking a complete transformation from her more feminine image as a member of Apink. 

The three-track single album is led by the titular track, “Bad.”

Kim Nam-joo performs “Bad” during a press conference in Seoul on Monday. PHOTO: ANN/THE KOREA HERALD

“The lead track describes who Kim Nam-joo is. The song tells people that I am going to be who I really am without being influenced by what people say about my real personality,” explained Kim.

The other tracks are “Mirror, Mirror,” a disco-pop number that includes narration by actor Daniel Henney, and “Ridin’ Out,” a pop ballad that sings about overcoming dark days and looking toward a bright future.

Kim began working on the album after finishing promotion for Apink’s10th EP, “Self,” in April last year. The album is Kim’s first under her new agency Choi Creative Lab.

“Apink is also working on a new album to make a comeback within this year,” the artist said.

Kim is set to promote her new release by performing on local TV music shows for the next two weeks.

She is also planning to meet with both her local and international fans.

“I am preparing to meet with my fans overseas. My agency and I are also working on hosting diverse fan events,” Kim added.

The artist hopes to gain recognition as a solo artist through her new single album.

“It’s not easy to fill the stage by myself for four to five minutes. I had to work harder to give a good live performance,” Kim said. She explained that she took part in the overall process of preparing the album, from choosing the songs to coming up with the album’s concept.

“I wanted to show the colours of solo artist Kim Nam-joo,” the singer said.