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K-pop embraces AI

Redefining Creativity in Music Production

Seoul (ANN/KOREA HERALD) – The K-pop industry is embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance music video production and song creation, marking a new era of technological innovation in the genre.

Seventeen, a globally recognised K-pop boy group, recently unveiled the music video for their latest track, “Maestro,” featuring scenes crafted by AI. The video prompts viewers to ponder the identity of the true maestro in a world where AI blurs the lines of creative ownership.

Woozi, a member of Seventeen renowned for producing hit singles, shared insights during a press conference for the group’s “17 Is Right Here” album in Seoul. He discussed experimenting with AI in music production, aiming to evolve alongside technology rather than resist it. Reflecting on their AI trials, Woozi highlighted both the strengths and limitations of composing with AI, emphasizing the importance of preserving their musical identity.

Similarly, the K-pop girl group Aespa incorporated AI elements in the music video for their latest song, “Supernova,” the lead track of their debut LP. A scene featuring the group’s members singing with digitally altered mouths sparked discussions about AI’s potential to imitate human expression and emotions.

Aespa’s music video for “Supernova”. PHOTO: YOUTUBE

Lee Soo-man, founder of SM Entertainment, discussed the role of AI in K-pop during a keynote speech at the General Assembly of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers. He emphasized AI’s ability to deepen fan engagement and foster connections between artists and enthusiasts worldwide.

In a significant development, singer Lee Hyun re-debuted as Midnatt, an AI-generated alter ego under Hybe. Midnatt’s single “Masquerade,” featuring vocals generated by AI based on Lee Hyun’s voice, showcased the multilingual capabilities of Supertone, an AI sound startup acquired by Hybe in 2021.

Midnatt’s music video for “Masquerade”. PHOTO: YOUTUBE

According to culture critic Kim Sung-soo, AI is poised to revolutionise the K-pop market by overcoming previous limitations and offering nearly flawless production capabilities. As AI continues to evolve, its impact on the music industry is expected to grow exponentially, shaping the future of K-pop production and creativity.