Monday, February 26, 2024
29 C
Brunei Town

Jam due to collective nosiness

As a local, I’m constantly surprised by how nosey we collectively are. Just the other day, I was stuck in traffic for over an hour, convinced that it was due to a car accident, only to find the source of the congestion being nothing more than two drivers pulling over to catch up without disturbing the flow.

What is wrong with us? Why do we feel the need to check out every minor thing that happens around us? I get that being a small country, we feel like we are all related in some way. However, whenever there is a minor accident on the road, it is stressful to think about the hours that we have to spend in slow-moving traffic.

Perhaps it is high time law enforcers get involved, to discourage the public from slowing down their vehicles just to see if there’s anything worth gossiping about later.

Peanut Man