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Integrity crucial in executing tasks, say Imams

Azlan Othman

In the prevention of corruption, people with integrity will not be easily bribed through cash or valuable items or will not also be easily influenced with gifts as bribery and gift challenges one’s integrity, Imams said in the Friday sermon yesterday.

“Those who commit bribery do not possess integrity as they are willing to disregard their duty, violate work procedure and give inappropriate services to a certain individual relating to their daily duty solely for rewards or taking bribes. The community wants efficient, transparent and fair public service.

“Members of the public too must have integrity in whatever they do. They should not bribe public service officers either in the form of gifts or alms as remuneration for them to perform an act relating to their duty for the sake of meeting their needs.”

Imams added, “Having integrity is among the decent and commendable values that must be embraced in our daily life. Integrity refers to self-identity characteristics and noble values such as sincerity, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, discipline and not being easily influenced.“

In the context of employment, these characteristics are crucial and must be embraced by every employee, be it in the public sector, private sector, or the self-employed.

“An employee with integrity is transparent, committed and dedicated and adheres to work ethics, rules and laws.”

Islam has called on the Ummah to look after their values and integrity, and prohibits from neglecting such responsibility, not being sincere in executing their tasks, not being trustworthy in keeping secrets relating to work, misconduct in their job and violating rules and law and driving towards criminal offences such as bribery, breach of trust, embezzlement and so on, they said.

“As Muslims, we should avoid committing graft. Every government department, ministry and private company hopes that their employees possess integrity as they are the machinery assisting in ascertaining the mission, vision and aspiration and providing an efficient and effective service.

“Staff with integrity will not betray their employer or head’s confidence and not betray the trust entrusted.”

Imams added, “To mark the International Anti-Corruption Day observed every December 9, let us unite to support the nation’s aspiration to make the nation free from graft and zero tolerance for graft.

“Let us cooperate and shoulder the responsibility to fight corruption by lodging such activity to the Anti-Corruption Bureau.”


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