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Individuals, company fined for littering

James Kon & Daniel Lim

A foreigner and a local company were fined by the Tutong District Office’s Enforcement Unit recently for throwing rubbish in public areas.

The foreign man received a fine of BND100 while the company was slapped with a fine of BND500. Failure to settle the fine will result in the case being brought to court. If found guilty, the individual will be fined at least BND1,000 and not more than BND3,000 for the first offence and at least BND3,000 and not more than BND9,000, imprisonment of not more than six months or both for subsequent offences.

If the company is found guilty, they will face a fine of BND2,000 and no more than BND10,000 for the first offence and a fine of at least BND10,000 and no more than BND30,000, imprisonment of no more than 12 months or both for subsequent offences.

The Tutong District Office’s enforcement unit reminded the public to maintain the cleanliness of public areas. Meanwhile, the enforcement division of the Kuala Belait and Seria Municipal Board issued fines to three individuals for littering.

The individuals were caught disposing of cigarette butts at a public premise, and were given seven days to settle the fines, or be brought to court.

ABOVE & BELOW: The locations of where the offences were committed. PHOTOS: TUTONG DISTRICT OFFICE