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Indian gov’t to appoint special officer against deepfakes

NEW DELHI (Xinhua) – India’s Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar said on Friday that the government will appoint an officer to take appropriate action against deepfake content.

Chandrasekhar said his ministry will develop a website on which users can flag their concerns about information technology rule violations.

“From today onwards the Ministry for Electronics and Information Technology and the government of India will nominate a Rule Seven officer and will take a 100-per-cent compliance expectation from all the platforms in 12 areas prohibited,” he said.

The minister said social media platforms have been given seven days time to align their terms of use, as per the information technology rules.

The Indian government said on Thursday that it will soon come out with a new set of regulations to deal with deepfakes.

Deepfake is a video of a person made by using artificial intelligence (AI) tools to digitally alter faces and bodies so that they appear to be someone else. It is typically done maliciously or to spread false information.

 Deepfake videos of Indian film actresses surfaced on social media, triggering an outrage recently.