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India revises guidelines to promote electric vehicles, charging stations

NEW DELHI (XINHUA) – The Indian government issued revised consolidated guidelines and standards for electric vehicles (EVs) charging infrastructure as the vehicle continued to penetrate the Indian auto market.

As per the revised guidelines, the federal government is trying to provide an affordable tariff chargeable by public EV charging station operators, while enabling EV owners to charge vehicles at their residences or offices using existing electricity connections. A revenue-sharing model has been suggested for land use to make a public charging station financially viable from an operational perspective.

The guidelines have also prescribed timelines for providing connectivity to the public charging station so as to speed up the rollout of EV public charging, and elaborated technical requirements for public charging stations.

According to an official statement, the government has undertaken multiple initiatives to promote the manufacturing and adoption of EVs in the country.

With the considerable expansion in the public EV charging infrastructure, the EVs have started penetrating the Indian market, said the statement.

Many private organisations have also come forward to install EV charging stations to develop a convenient charging network to gain consumers’ confidence.