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In-depth look at ChatGPT

The Centre for Lifelong Learning (C3L) at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) hosted a ‘ChatGPT: A Game Changer for Everyday Efficiency’ webinar on November 16.

The webinar, led by UBD C3L Associate Professor Dr Mohammad Tazli Azizan, was held in conjunction with the C3L Open Day and Lifelong Learning Festival on November 23 at the Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Advancement (ILIA) Building, UBD.

The webinar attracted 126 participants from diverse backgrounds who embarked on a journey into the world of ChatGPT, gaining in-depth knowledge about its cutting-edge features, practical applications, and the principles of ethical usage.

The session also provided participants with an opportunity to seamlessly incorporate ChatGPT into their daily routines, demonstrating how artificial intelligence (AI) tools can streamline and automate tasks efficiently.

The C3L in a statement yesterday said it remains steadfast in its mission to foster a culture of continuous learning, networking and professional growth.

The centre is set to hold an Open Day and Lifelong Learning Festival for alumni, students, faculty, and external stakeholders to build lasting connections. The festival will culminate in a prize-giving ceremony, celebrating the achievements and contributions of its participants.

Participants during the webinar. PHOTO: UBD