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Importance of cross-border cooperation highlighted

The importance of cross-border cooperation in addressing the rise of false news, disinformation and misinformation; misuse of media technology; and cybercrimes and cybersecurity attacks was highlighted by Permanent Secretary (Civil Service Governance) at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Ajman bin Haji Meludin during a dinner reception for delegates of the 24th Meeting of the ASEAN-COCI Sub-Committee on Information (24th SCI).

“ASEAN addressed the concerns by establishing the ASEAN Task Force on Fake News in 2022 and I believe that mutual collaboration can help to minimise the harmful effects of false news, misinformation and disinformation,” the permanent secretary said.

However, he added, “we cannot do this alone. Our success depends on cross-collaboration with other sectors who share similar issues, and Brunei welcomes cooperation to advance this cause.”

The COVID-19, he said, “has accelerated ASEAN’s digital initiatives towards realising the Industrial Revolution 4.0. People had to adapt to a more digitised way of living. Thankfully, our early transition from analogue to digital broadcasting in 2017 as well as having extensive Internet coverage had helped Brunei to adjust”.

He also said, “Brunei is working towards becoming a smart nation with a digital and future-ready society through the Digital Economy Masterplan 2025. The information sector’s efforts are equally vital in fulfilling this plan. Therefore, Brunei places great value on other member states’ initiatives for digital transformation, including milestones such as the Framework for Developing Digital Readiness Among ASEAN Citizens, adopted in 2021, as well as the Framework for Promoting Accessibility for All in ASEAN Digital Broadcasting.

“While we work towards maximising the benefits of digital transformation, our role to promote credible, trusted information must remain our core business in ASEAN community building. These are what we pay attention to in the ASEAN Communication Master Plan II (ACMP II), the Strategic Plan for Information and Media 2016-2025, as well as work plans we have with our dialogue partners.

“The SCI has an important role not just in advancing the dynamics of an evolving media and information landscape, but also to protect ASEAN’s overall peace, prosperity and security.” – James Kon

Permanent Secretary (Civil Service Governance) at the Prime Minister’s Office Ajman bin Haji Meludin delivers his remarks. PHOTO: INFORMATION DEPARTMENT
Attendees at the dinner reception. PHOTO: INFORMATION DEPARTMENT
Participants during a visit to the Brunei Energy Hub Dermaga Diraja. PHOTO: INFORMATION DEPARTMENT