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Imams up in arms over gadget distraction during Friday prayers

Religious authorities were up in arms over congregants using their smartphones during the Friday sermon, calling such an act a great loss and a waste.

“There are congregants ignoring the Friday sermon by talking and joking with each other, or using their smartphones. Some are negligent by not switching to the silent mode, affecting other congregants,” imams said in the Friday sermon yesterday, adding that some, without feeling guilty, browse the Internet, play games or use social media.

“Being distracted by the phone while the Friday sermon is delivered is against the Sunnah and ethics. We are required to be silent and leave out matters affecting our concentration. Such attitudes should be eradicated as it is a waste and brings losses. Being silent and paying attention to the sermon is more important than reciting Al-Quran, Zikir and so on. It is a great loss for congregants who come late to the mosque to perform Friday prayers and fail to listen to the Friday sermon or only listen while inside their car.”

The imams added that it is makruh (reprehensible) to talk while the sermon is delivered except in the event of emergency, such as the presence of a dangerous animal or a visually-impaired person is about to fall.

“It is better to gesture and avoid speaking. The prohibition also covers all acts affecting concentration.

“The Friday sermon brings benefits and guidance for life in this world and the hereafter such as increment faith and piety towards Allah the Almighty, knowledge, procuring of advice and guidance, and obtainment of lessons,” imams said. – Azlan Othman