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Imams extol the virtues of forgiveness

Azlan Othman

It is undeniable that we face tests and obstacles in our daily life which sometimes lead to anger, dissatisfaction and seeking vengeance caused by someone who humiliates, slanders and acts in contempt, being tyrannous and so on.

The Imams said this during the Friday sermon yesterday.

They said, “Islam encourages the Ummah to be patient and not to retaliate. Any evil act should be tackled in a good manner and with forgivingness.”

Imams added, “Forgiveness is highly recommended in Islam. Forgiveness is also the main characteristic of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and as Muslims, we should emulate the characters and values of the Prophet (pbuh).

“Forgiveness means staying away from matters that could lead to quarrels and hostility.

“Among the effects of being forgiving and letting go are that they encourage not retaliating to evil deeds with evilness, avert animosity and strengthen good ties among members of the society. It reflects mercy, brings peace to oneself and removes malice, envy and grudges that destroy the heart.

“Forgiveness does not mean weakness or loss. Allah the Almighty will add more glory to someone who is forgiving. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said forgiveness is the main core for faith.”

Imams also said, “The benefits to those who are forgiving are that their property and status will not be reduced. Allah the Almighty forgives the sins of those who forgive where those with their hearts softened will be rewarded by Him.

“Allah the Almighty will not forgive sins among mankind unless if such person asks for forgiveness from those that have hurt them. We should seek forgiveness before it is too late. We should not be shy or too proud to seek for forgiveness and admit our mistakes.

“It is hoped that with such act of forgiving, we can live harmoniously and be united.”