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Imams caution against slander

Imams during the Friday sermon emphasised the importance of avoiding slander within the Ummah, urging individuals to practice Tabayyun (fact-checking) before spreading information.

They highlighted that slander is considered Haram, a grave sin, and cautioned that it may hinder a person from entering heaven.

The consequences of slander were outlined, emphasising its role in causing disintegration, disunity, and fostering misunderstanding, quarrels, and strained relationships among siblings, leading to divorce and family issues.

In the contemporary era, with the ease of spreading information via the internet, Imams warned against the misuse of online platforms to threaten or demoralise individuals or organisations, as this can disrupt harmony within a community and nation.

Imams stressed individual responsibility and the need for caution in making remarks, advising to discern the credibility of information sources. They emphasised the importance of accepting good news from truthful individuals while being wary of news from those with questionable morals, especially if it tends toward slander.

Referring to Imam Ghazali Rahimahullah’s teachings in ‘Ihya Ulumuddin,’ Imams presented six principles to navigate through Fitnah (slander). These include not lending credibility to the slanderer, preventing them from spreading slander, advising against repeating it, expressing anger for the sake of Allah the Almighty, avoiding prejudices against the slandered, refraining from seeking additional information, and discouraging participation in slander.

Imams urged self-reflection and mindfulness in actions and conversations, emphasising the collective responsibility to maintain harmony and truthfulness within the community. – Azlan Othman