Friday, April 12, 2024
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Imams call to guide youth on drug-free path

Azlan Othman

Youth are exposed to challenges such as the misuse of drugs and promiscuity. Hence they must be moulded, educated and guided to be pious, knowledgeable and possess decent values based on Islamic teachings, Imams said in the Friday sermon yesterday.

The guidance will strengthen individual identity to shape youth who are responsible towards people, religion and the nation, they said.

The imams added, youth’s role is important, especially in developing the country as well as to develop ideas, time and energy towards human capital development to create a respected nation.

Among the things that can safeguard youth from falling into the misuse of drugs include enhancing the youth’s faith and morals by performing good deeds as well as living life based on knowledge and religion, they said. Parents and the community are responsible in developing youth by educating and supporting them from an early stage with Islamic values.

The imams added the public should report to the Narcotics Control Bureau on any suspicious activities related to drug abuse and trafficking of illegal drugs.