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Houston Zoo’s new capybara pups named after ‘Encanto’ movie

UPI – Encanto is set in Colombia, one of the countries the capybara’s call home.

The siblings, Bruno and Pepa, were born April 11 to first-time mom, Squirt, and dad, Rio. They represent the third litter of greater capybaras born at the zoo in the last 10 years.

Mother and children spent several days bonding behind the scenes, before making their public debut in the zoo’s mixed species habitat inside the South America Pantanal.

The zoo posted a short video of the two frolicking together in their enclosure. The semi-aquatic capybara is native to South America, and is the world’s largest living rodent.

Fully-grown adults can weigh up to 145 pounds. The furry creatures have captured the public’s attention before.

In 2016, two of the animals escaped from a small zoo in Toronto and evaded recapture for weeks in the city’s second-largest park. The story garnered international headlines at the time, and daily updates on the search.

Father Rio and mother Squirt join Bruno and Pepa at the Houston Zoo, the siblings were named after the brother and sister characters in the Disney movie ‘Encanto’, which is set in Colombia. PHOTO: HOUSTON ZOO